Northern white cedar shingles are durable, functional and distinctive, making them an excellent choice for both roofing and siding projects.

Durable because white cedar, with its naturally occuring oils, receives the most decay resistant rating as assigned by the United States Forest Products Laboratory.

Functional because white cedar requires little or no maintenance often performing in even the harshest climates for decades without needing repairs.  Unlike many other roofing products, white cedar has proven itself over hundreds of years of service.  White cedar also has excellent insulating properties making excellent sound barrier and preventing heat loss.

However, what really makes white cedar special is its distinctive weathered appearance.  Unlike virtually all other shingles on the market, white cedar shingles weather naturally to a silvery gray color.  This is the color so often imitated, but never duplicated, by competitors.

Shingle Products:

    Boat Grade Hand Select - You hand pick your material

Call For Availability - We try to keep a steady stock of seasoned boat lumber available, but some of the larger sizes are limited and availability fluctuates.

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