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Wood, Steel & Glas, Inc.

The advantages of custom milled lumber - there is no better service than to get exactly what you want

There is no better service than to get exactly what you want. When someone places an order with us, we crank up the planer or moulder and manufacture their lumber.  Though this simple, straightforward concept is as old as the lumber business itself, in our increasingly pre-packaged world of standardized malls with standardized products, this service is increasingly difficult to find.  It is nice to exercise some creativity or flexibility in your building project, and attach renewed meaning to the concept of service.

What we mill

We have the capacity to mill tongue & groove, shiplap, board & baton, clapboard, decking, square edge, mouldings, trim, paneling, etc. Within each of these patterns, multiple variations exist - width of the face, thickness, lengths, as well as variations of the mill cut (eg "butt joint", "beaded" or "V-joint" tongue and groove) can all be different.  Even subtle changes to a mill cut can often achieve significant visual differences and architectural effects.  whether you want something completely different from the standard conventionally milled pattrens or you just want to tweak the dimensions slightly to suit your project, we can help you do it.


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