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White Cedar - High Quality Decking

A deck is a wonderful way to extend the living space of the house to the outside.  The right choice of material, combined with quality construction and effective design can produce a functional, aesthetically pleasing deck.  White cedar is the best decking material available.

Physical Properties

It would be wrong to think that because white cedar is soft it is not durable.  The natural preservative oils in white cedar make it one of the most decay resistant, durable woods available.  Though firm underfoot, it is not hard and unyielding and therefore more comfortable to walk, sit or lie on.  And because the preservative oils in white cedar are natural, there are no chemicals leaching out from the wood's surface.  Moreover, the supple texture make white cedar extremely stable and an unlikely candidate for warping, or checking.  Because it is soft, installation is simpler and easier, requiring no screws and only nails that can be effectively blind nailed for an elegant decking surface.  Free of pitch and resin, white cedar also holds paints and treatments exceptionally well.  Lastly, white cedar is known for its resistance too splintering making it confortable to walk or lie on.  This is a property that even red cedar and redwood cannot claim.


White cedar is the only wood that naturally weathers a light silver gray.  As other woods turn a mottled dark gray or black, white cedar remains light in color.  This creates a marvelous visual effect with minimal maintenance.  Employing blind nailing can further enhance the elegance of a white cedar deck. We offer our decking in three grades: ~clear, ~pin knot clear ~knotty.

Other Species

We also supply clear old-growth redwood and cypress.  The redwood is clear, all heart, vertical grain and is reclaimed from dismantled structures.  The cypress is from reclaimed logs that have been submerged in the swamps of the deep south for decades.  These woods also maintain exceptional decay resistance.
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