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How We Attain the Highest Quality in Our Canoe Strips

Precision milled (not routered or shaped), Long Lengths, Vertical or Edge Grain

One of the most popular uses of both Atlantic and Northern white cedar is as canoe strips.  Lightweight, easily machined, supple, flexible, highly resistant to decay and indigenous to the east coast, white cedar was the choice of Native Americans hundreds of years ago and remains prized among boat and canoe builders today (hence the common name boat cedar).  Although Wood, Steel & Glas has been using and selling white cedar for 25 years, only within the last year have we begun making and selling canoe strips.  Our customers have been exceedingly pleased with both our strips and our price.  For years we've wrestled with ways to conserve as much of this resource as possible.  As we mill our own lumber, we produce a fair amount of "edge grain" that is too thin to be made into dimensioned lumber.  One day a boat builder told us these pieces would be ideal for canoe strips not only because of their size, but also because they are usually "edge grain" or vertical grain.  Vertical grain or quarter sawn lumber often commands a premium as the most desirable cut. Compared with plainsawed lumber it shrinks and swell less in width, twists less, splits less and surface-checks less.  Consequently, you will get an unusually high percentage of vertical grain canoe strips for less than most vendors sell plainsawed strips.

What you will get

We use a moulder (not a router or shaper) to produce uniform and smoothly finished bead and cove canoe strips.  The milled dimension is 1/4" by 3/4" with lengths 8' to 16' (custom dimensions and lengths up to 20' by special order).  We'll ship all over the country. We primarily mill atlantic white cedar, northern white cedar, recycled old-growth redwood and cypress, but other woods including western redcedar, old-growth cypress may also be available.  Our old-growth cypress and redwood lumber is reclaimed from river beds or recycled and NOT taken from existing old-growth stands.

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